Parine Jaddo, an Iraqi Lebanese director born in Baghdad, who has lived and worked with films in the United States, Africa and the Middle East.

Parine earned an MFA in film from Howard University in Washington DC in the year 1995. Her short films include Atash, Aisha, and Rastas’s Paradise which was shot in Ethiopia. She is recipient of the Paul Robeson Award and the Princess Grace Award for film. She taught film courses at LAU in Beirut Lebanon, and NYU in Accra, Ghana. “Broken Record” is her first feature documentary, and is a recipient of grants from AFAC and SANAD. She presently resides in Beirut, Lebanon.

Following her mother’s passing away in Canada, she chose to tackle her first feature documentary “Broken Record” with a very personal note.  Having lived through the past three decades, shifting gears between East and West, she is now approaching her  family history as it relates to the geopolitical developments in the Middle Eastern area.  Coming from a Turkman / Iraqi background, and a particularly musical family, she finds herself looking at these developments from a marginal position; whereby, language, music, and culture merge in her current approach.

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