Born in Iraq, my family was forced to move around due to political turmoil in the Middle East area all through
my childhood.
I have witnessed wars and revolutions since I was 3 years old and continue to do so to this date. During my
University years I went to the United States and completed my studies at Howard University where I encountered
people like Professor Abraham (Abiyi) Ford, an Ethiopian American whose parents were part of the Garvey
movement in the early twenties. Also during my early years as a student of film I worked with Professor
Haile Gerima on his feature length “Sankofa”, a film about the horrors of enslavement and the struggle
of Africans for freedom.
Through encounters like these I was exposed to the African, and African-American culture and community
and this has influenced my work.
Meanwhile back in the Middle East wars continued to brew. The first Gulf war was in progress and then years
later  Gulf war II  followed and the after shocks continues to ravage our part of the world as Iraqi people pay
the price each day with their lives.
Living the turmoil during my recent years in the Middle East, coupled with the passing of my dear mother,
have brought me to the subject of myfist feature length documentary.


Film Director/Editor:

Tayh (Astray), 2003

A 28-minute film-Journal of the filmmaker in the aftermath of 9-11. Produced in 35
negative film post produced in Beta SP

Aisha (Surviving), 2000

A 32-minute16mm film that portrays two Arab-American women making different choices in life
while searching for their voice

Atash(Thirst), 1995

A 10 min 16mm film questioning the perception of women in Arab narrative.

On the Waterfront – Interpretation, 1993

A video Adaptation of the opening scene of the fifties classic based on an Arab- American reality
and a Shiite interpretation

26G, 1991

A 3 min 16mm B&W narrative film about isolation in the big apple


Associate Producer

“Morning Dew” feature length, 2004

Arranged during pre-production for crew, cast & equipment for a 35mm feature fiction film
presently in production funded by German Television, Arte and Pandora Film


Editor & Continuity

“Inside Out” Feature Length, 1998

Assisted with continuity during production and editing in post-production of 35mm featured
Cannes film festivals by director Rob Tregenza and executive produced by Jean-Luc Godard


Assistant Director

“Coffee”, 2003

Worked as the assistant director for independent film shot on 16mm film



Howard University 1998-2002

Taught production courses in the Film Department at the undergraduate and graduate levels


Audio-Visual Technician

Smithsonian Institute, 1994

Executed audio-visual multimedia events for various Smithsonian museums


Teaching Assistant

Howard University, Washington, DC. 1991-1993

Instructing and training film students in film and video production


Account Executive

Deutch Shea and Evans (FCB subsidiary), New York, New York. 1985-1987

Managed corporate accounts such as NYNEX, and Emery worldwide


Account Executive

Impact/BBDO, Beirut Lebanon and Nicosia, Cyprus. 1981-1985

Managed multinational accounts for consumer products including Raid, Glade for Johnson Wax,
Yardley products, Penguin stores, Sonnetti and FU’S sportswear


Translator/60 mins II

Assisted in Arabic/English translation and interpretation for programs during pre-production



Masters of Fine Arts, Film Production, May 1996, Howard University, Washington, D.C.
Masters of Business Administration, 1979, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Bachelor of Science, Biology, 1977, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Undergraduate Program, Biology, American University AUB, Beirut, Lebanon



1993 Princess Grace Award for “Thirst”/best film
1994 Paul Robeson Award for “On The Waterfront interpretation/best production
1995 DC commission on the Arts TAP Grant
1995 Rosebud Nominee for “Aisha”


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