A Narrative film that portrays the life of two Arab American women with experiments using multilayered narrative elements text and interviews to portray Nasrine, who is chasing the American dream in DC while clinging to her traditional values and is challenged by her americanized cousin Tina.  These inner conflicts evolve into a feminist fantasy of an idealized East.


“Aisha” was described by the Washington City paper during the filmiest DC 2001 film festival:

“Parine Jaddo’s Aisha is not only this collection’s most ambitious works, but also its most accomplished . An impressionistic drama od an Arab woman  making a documentary about her cousin, its most compelling sequences are set  in Baghdad, where both the documentarian’s and there subject’s families live under the threat of US bombing. The film, subtitled “surviving” is about their means of getting by as well as about a contemporary Arab woman living in the West, making sense of her new world.”



Festivals & Screenings

Filmiest DC Film Festival, 2001 (USA)
Women of Color Film Festival, 2001 (USA)
MESA 2000 Annual Meeting
‘Cinemaeyat’ 4th Annual Film Festival, 2000 



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