Parine Jaddo is an Iraqi film director whose works include Broken Record (Qawana), Rasta's Paradise, Aisha (Surviving) and Atash (Thirst).  Working across fiction, documentary, experimental film and installation, she began making films in the early 1990’s while a student at Howard University in Washington DC. During this time, she studied and worked with Ethiopian filmmakers Haile Gerima and Abraham (Abiyi) Ford. This experience exposed her to African and African-American culture, thought and aesthetics, in which she found resonance as an Iraqi immigrant living in the west, during the era of the Gulf War. Parine’s early 16mm films Aisha (Surviving) and Atash (Thirst) explore female subjectivity, sexuality and her own migratory existence. Her personal feature-length documentary Broken Record (Qawana) is a journey through Iraq guided by the memory of a song recorded by her mother in 1960. Released in 2013, Broken Record supported by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture and SANAD. She is currently based in Beirut, Lebanon.

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